Lee Jones

Blue Season

Titled "Blue Season," the five-minute clip was part of the Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Film Challenge, which requires participants to write, produce and edit a short film within 48 hours. This particular result features Ridley as a kidnapping victim who somehow takes a phone call from a man (Kenneth Jay) who says he'll help her escape. The thriller is menacing and kinetic -- just like something "Star Wars" director J.J. Abrams might like.

- Huffington Post

“On the first day of filming, we hung her upside down in a prison cell,” Lee Jones tells The Post of the sci-fi short film “Blue Season” that he directed in 2013 starring Ridley. “Another time, we were filming outside in the freezing cold, and she was just wearing a thin T-shirt, but she just battled on and kept going.”

- New York Post

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